Our Work

Our Projects: A diversified approach to development

Agriculture 2004-2021: Observation, research, ecological orientation

2004: Sponsoring an agro-ecological survey: “Ecological practices for sustainable agriculture in the Central Plateau of Haiti (Nathan McClintock, Ph D)

2008-2013:  Water management; protection of cultivatable soils and agricultural formation;  construction of cistern and, a dozen gully plugs (mini-dams); sustaining a resident agronome during 13 months

2012 AgroParis Tech 2012: Agricultural survey of the village of Epin, (Agricultural Diagnostic of the Epin Area) Ariane DeGroote and Adeline Bouvard, Memorandum for the Diploma of Agricultural Engineer

2020-21 With the support of the Collectif Haiti of France (CHF) inspired by the Ecologic Garden Center of Banyen, commencement of a school garden for La Pléiade, the harvest to be used to enrich the nutrition of the meals of the school lunch program.

Construction -Housing and Community Center

Housing: Following the earthquake of 2010, we have constructed 75 traditional houses (Kay Zanmi), a Community Center/Primary School; all equipped with underground cisterns to collect and preserve rain water.

Land Rights

We have registered title to 80 parcels of land for subsistence farmers. In 2012  the City of Paris awarded its “Pro-Bono Prize to this project.


2004 to now:We have supported continuing education for teachers, created a community resource center and the operation of two schools educating 900 pupils.  These are continuing projects. The academic success of these schools is a mark of the impact of our support.  In 2018 the introduction of information technology in the two schools to prepare the students for the challenges of the XXI century.


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