The Future

Connecting and bringing energy to “The outside country”

La Pleiade / Codiette teaches basic computer usage to juniors and seniors

At the time of our inception, in 1993, rural Haiti, and especially the Central Plateau, were known as « the outside country ». It had been so for centuries.

The end of Isolation – Impact of New Technologies – Setting-up permanent

Today, the use of cellular phones is widespread in rural areas.

To take Haiti into the 21st century, internet connection and computer technology must be made available across socio-economic boundaries.
Please join us as we work to equip schools with internet connection and computer equipment.

Electro-Haiti : Solar Energy, Innovation and Development

The creation of mingrids to capture and distribute solar energy in Africa (PowerGen, and Haïti (Earth Spark, have transformed the lives of villagers.


Implantation of a solar mini-grid, both affordable and, in time, financially sound, in the area of Cange.

Current objective: Observe to Innovate

  • Preliminary Survey

Identify a site which: topography, demography, economic potential, will provide the basis for the implantation of a solar mini grid.

Actually, the area of Bas Cange, community on the shores of Lake Pelligre, with two operational basins for fish farming  and a school,  seems like an approbrate starting point for a feasibility survey.

We are ready, within our budgetary limits, to finance the cost of this survey.  The conclusions and recommendations will provide a basis for ongoing efforts to secure support for the project by a leader in the establishment of renewable energies for development.

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