Zanmi Lasanté-PARIS

Dr. PAUL FARMER (1959-2022)

Farmer’s loss is devastating, but his vision and work will live through Partners in Health.

In Haiti, Zanmi Lasanté PARIS (ZLP’s) determination to continue working alongside Zanmi Lasanté & Partners In Health, for education, training and Development will not falter.

A Holistic Vision of Health

Zanmi Lasanté-PARIS, an association registered in France, was established in 1993 at the initiative of Dr. Paul Farmer (1959-2022), co-founder of Partners in Health. Medical doctor, anthropologist, professor of Public Health at Harvard University, was known throughout the world for his work to promote health care for the poorest of the poor.

Health, Education, Training, Nutrition, Development inseparable and since 2001 constitute our priority areas of intervention.  We operate with PIH in villages  on the shores of Lake Peligre in the center of Haiti.

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